Private Capital Markets


GLC helps raise capital for our clients under the best possible terms.


What came first, the chicken or the egg? Our private capital markets strategy is a radical departure from the traditional private placement model of first securing a client’s mandate and subsequently searching for capital providers to meet demand.  GLC’s capital-focused model allows us to leverage insight and knowledge developed through constant dialogue with capital providers to provide them with tailored, actionable investment or lending opportunities.  In turn, this strategy allows us to bring active investors with available “dry powder” to potential client companies and projects, resulting in capital raise transactions with an increased likelihood of success and a faster time to completion.

GLC’s disciplined focus… GLC’s Private Capital Markets effort focuses on raising capital for growing companies in dynamic economic sectors. GLC and its principals have successfully completed a wide variety of private placements including development and expansion capital for growing companies, recapitalization financing for existing capital structures, and acquisition financing for buyouts.

Equity growth capital… As a firm, we’re focused on some of the most dynamic sectors of the 21st century economy. Our partners have worked with leading venture capital, growth equity and private equity firms for decades. We know how important vision, discipline and experience are in making successful investment decisions. We think we can help because we are talking to the kind of companies investors are looking for but may not otherwise see. The way we assess growth companies’ suitability for institutional growth investors is a combination of factors which could include a history of high growth in revenue, entrepreneurs with a prior track record of successful business launches or company transformations, and some degree of pre-screening by the market, such as passage through a recognized accelerator program, investment from leading angel groups or one or more prior rounds of venture capital investment.

We encourage entrepreneurs to talk to us; let us try to help you with the next step in your company’s journey.

We’re masters of the process. GLC facilitates the placement process throughout each stage of a capital raise from pre-offering deal preparation to negotiating closing documents. We conduct highly orchestrated and efficient placement processes in order to maximize the effectiveness of management’s time and increase transaction momentum. Our clients deserve an exemplary service experience.

Capital Structure Expertise… GLC helps raise significant amounts of capital for our clients under the best possible terms. We create financing solutions for our clients to maximize valuation, minimize dilution and optimize capital structure.  Often these solutions involve various debt and equity securities including -


  • Preferred stock
  • Convertible preferred stock
  • Common stock


  • Senior secured /unsecured loans
  • Mezzanine/Subordinated debt
  • Convertible debt


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