Adam Gallen

Consumer - Digital and Offline
Technology and Data Services

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Phone: 646-723-8909

Adam rejoined GLC in 2012 to focus on M&A and capital raising assignments.  He is a career investment banker, having previously held positions at Financo, Jefferies and Deutsche Bank.  Adam has worked across a broad array of industries including consumer products, media and entertainment, marketing services, e-commerce, energy, industrials and technology.  He has been a primary agent or team member in the successful closing of over 30 transactions valued at approximately $4.5 billion.  Adam graduated with a BA in Economics and a Certificate in Markets and Management Studies from Duke University.

Some things people may not know about Adam:

  • Was saved by dolphins after a shark was circling me a couple miles off the coast of the Bahamas during a 7 hour marathon swim to another island close by.  They swam with me for at least 3 hours. After I got back to shore I’m not sure who was more upset, the hotel manager or my girlfriend at the time.  But yes, dolphins do help people.

  • Ten years into my banking career seriously considered moving to Tortola and learning to sail and charter boats but decided to stay in NYC and start my own quasi-investment banking business instead.  Should have probably taken the chance, but live my life with no regrets, my shark might have been waiting for me.

  • Shot a two over 73 and a ninety (stopped counting at that point) on the same course…on the same day!!!  If you want to be my golf partner probably best if it’s in a scramble.